All MIME graduate students are now required to be annually reivewed by the collective faculty in their research area as specificed in a mandate from the Graduate Program Committee (GPC). For the graduate researchers in design, this means completing a GAPER form (see below). Completed GAPERs will be collected on the last day of June. There should be at least one completed GAPER form for each graduate student - MS or PhD. Students and their advisors may provide additional materials and timing such as updating the form every term. The review provides a formal process for defining your progress towards a degree and helps the faculty gauge how research credits, GRAs, and GTAs effect workload and achievements.

Completed GAPERs are to be sent to your faculty advisor and cc'ed to the current GPC representative, Prof. Matt Campbell ( Please include "GAPER" in the subject line.


Download the GAPER form as a word document.