This is the landing page for a simple web app for the design method known as the Analysis of Interconnected Decision Areas (AIDA).

Prof. Campbell developed this with a former student, Abram Grae in 2004. Use this for enumerating solutions from a Morph Matrix in which constraints exist between solutions. The method has been rediscovered from publications from over 60 years ago, and one can read about the details of our "rediscovery" in:

A. Weas and M. I. Campbell, “Rediscovering AIDA,” Artif. Intell. Eng. Des. Anal. Manuf., vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 227–243, 2004.

This paper describes an implementation of AIDA that is useful to engineering designers wishing to combine the solution principles of various subfunctions within a product in new ways. Traditionally, the method is used to understand how one decision affects the options available to other decisions in a large-scale project. The method is to be used interactively with designers participating in a brainstorming session so that ideas are added to AIDA and immediately combined with other compatible ideas. The existing implementation has been tested in a classroom setting in which upper level undergraduates have successfully used the AIDA method along with numerous of design methods to solve conceptual design problems.