Matt Campbell


PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 2000
Office: 408 Rogers Hall
Phone: 541.737.6549

Design automation, computational geometry, design theory, and numerical optimization

Onan Demirel

Assistant Professor

PhD, Purdue University, 2015
Office: 322 Rogers Hall
Phone: 765.409.9419

Design theory and methods, digital human modeling, human factors engineering, human-in-the-loop design, product design 

Andy Dong

Professor and MIME Head

PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 1997
Office: 208 Rogers Hall
Phone: 541.737.6980

Design strategy, knowledge structures in design, artificial intelligence in design,behavioral economics, cognition, and computational fabrication

Bryony DuPont

Associate Professor

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, 2013
Office: 216 Rogers Hall
Phone: 541.737.6462

Design Optmization, Optimization for Wind Energy and Wave Energy systems, Power Systems Optimization, Sustainable Product Development

Chris Hoyle - Associate Professor

Chris Hoyle

Associate Professor

PhD, Northwestern University, 2009
Office: 418 Rogers Hall
Phone: 541.737.7035

Decision-based design (linking consumer preferences and enterprise-level objectives with the engineering design process), uncertainty quantification and management, and complex system design


Bob Paasch

Professor Emeritus

PhD, University of California Berkeley, 1990
Office: 414 Rogers Hall
Phone: 541.737.7019

Design of mechanical systems for reliability and maintainability, design of marine renewable energy systems, and knowledge-based monitoring and diagnosis of mechanical systems.


Rob Stone


PhD, The University of Texas at Austin, 1997
Office: 216 Dearborn Hall
Phone: 541.737.3638 

Design theories and methodologies, specifically product architectures, functional representations, automated conceptual design techniques and innovation strategies for new product design.


Irem Tumer


Vice President for Research

PhD, The University of Texas at Austin, 1998
Office: 116 Covell Hall
Phone: 541.737.6627

Systematic and mathematical methods to design, model, and analyze highly complex and integrated systems


Affiliated Faculty

Nordica MacCarty

Assistant Professor

PhD, Iowa State University, 2015
Office: 312 Rogers Hall
Phone: 541.737.5927

humanitarian engineering, thermal-fluid sciences, engineering design, computational modeling, and energy systems

John Parmigiani, PE

Associate Professor/ Senior Research

PhD, University of Michigan, 2007
Office: 303F Dearborn Hall
Phone: 541.747.7023

Computational Mechanics & Applied Design

computational mechanics, applied design, industry-focused design solutions

Cindy Grimm

Associate Professor

PhD, Computer Science, Brown University
Office: 311 Graf Hall
Phone: 541.747.4914

research website

computer graphics, human-computer interaction

Karl Haapala

Associate Professor

PhD, Michigan Technological University, 2008
Office: 218A Dearborn Hall
Phone: 541.737.3122

sustainable design and manufacturing
including: life cycle engineering; manufacturing process modeling for environmental performance improvement; evaluation of novel approaches for environmental impact reduction

Dave G. Ullman

Professor Emeritus

mechanical design process, decision thinking, product lifecycles,  see details at