Anthony Nix

Ph.D. Candidate
School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering 
Oregon State University

Office: 103 Dearborn


Anthony Nix is a mechanical engineering Ph.D. student at Oregon State University researching the alternative uses test, user interface design, and design methodologies. While working on his Ph.D., Anthony is completing a minor in psychology because he likes to geek out on why designers design design the way they do whether it be personality type, expierences growing up, or anything else. He received his M.S. in mechanical engineering from Oregon State university in 2011 and his B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla in 2009. He advisor is Dr. Rob Stone (ME). He also works with Dr. Ken Funk (IE), Dr. Chris Sanchez (PSY) and Dr. Kathy Mullet (DHE).  Outside of school and when he isn't working on their house, Anthony likes to bike (strava link below) and dabble in photography (flickr link below). 


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  • Improving creativity in designers
  • Merging human factors and mechanical engineering design processes
  • Alternative uses test and creativity implications from it
  • Thermal Weapon Sight Interfaces for Military Applications
  • Reticle feature utility 
  • Systematic requirement generation
  • Retaining customer intent in engineering requirements


  • Undergraduate Courses (bolded is current)
    • Dynamics (ENGR 212) Lecturer
    • Strength of Materials (ENGR 213) Lecturer
    • Introduction to Design (ME 382) GTA
    • Mechanical Component Design (ME 383)GTA
    • Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (ME 413) GTA
    • CAD/CAM III (General Dimensioning and Tolerencing, ME511) GTA

M.S. Thesis

  • Innovation Strategies for Product Design