Hydrogen Storage Need

Keck Foundation supports innovative materials research

Keck Foundation supports innovative materials research for applications such as hydrogen storage


OSU a partner in $320 million “digital manufacturing” initiative

President Obama Speaks on Manufacturing Innovation

New Approach Revolutionizes Design and Manufacturing

Tumer and lab team studying results from model-based system analysis of candidate designs

Sheet Metal Shape

Automated Shape Design from Graphs

Sheet metal design showing the spatial constraints and the resulting topologies using the topological and parametric tune and prune method.

Robust Grid

Robust Design of Large Scale Systems

Robust Design of large scale systems, such as a power grid, is a strength of the Design Engineering Lab's Research.

The KINdReD Project

Rob Stone's PhD student Jessie Armstrong contemplates how to proceed in the design of inclusive products.

Doing a PhD will make you smile

PhD Candidate Ryan Arlitt finally get the results he needs.


Global Formula Racing

Dr. Paasch has lead the Global Formula Racing team to many successes!